25th June 2022

Of Scottish decent, (Nee "Pirnie") Pat Castle's home and studio are based in Hackney, East London. She studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, initially in the late 1940's. At this time, under the administration of William Coldstream, an ability for draftsmanship was considered all important. The artist is happily rooted in this generation of painters although her work has developed considerably in the intervening period.

Unless undertaking a commission, the artist usually works in a series relating to one particular region, i.e., Southern Spain, Morocco, the Dordogne etc, where she will immerse herself in the area, gaining knowledge of the environment. As a result her work has been much praised for its vibrancy, sense of colour and atmosphere.

Pat Castle has exhibited widely. Her work has been shown in the Southwark Festival, with the Royal Society of British Artists, The Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Welcome Foundation, Price Waterhouse and Lloyds of London .She has been featured as the solo artist for the Boulogne Festival and in an exhibition mounted by the British Moroccan Society of which she is a member. For a considerable time she was also one of the stable of artists of the Heritage Gallery, Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A.

The artist has an enduring interest in Islamic Art and Culture and has been a member of the British Moroccan Society for a number of years

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